A New Direction for The Scots Curator

Since launching on Burns Night 2021, The Scots Curator has been helping to raise awareness of Scottish history, culture and the arts.

We conducted a series of interviews with a range of people involved in new and exciting cultural projects across Scotland, covering everything from books to brochs. We also launched our first in-house creative project, a hand-drawn Atlas of Scotland, telling Scotland’s story through a series of illustrated maps.

Now it’s time for The Scots Curator to take a slightly new direction. Firstly, we’re moving from our old site to a new newsletter-style set-up on Substack. We hope this change will help us to build a sense of community around the project. All you have to do is subscribe to The Scots Curator with your email address here, and you’ll get Scottish culture delivered straight to your inbox.

Secondly, we also intend to shift the focus of our content. Instead of solely bringing you interviews, we’d also like to re-examine what it means to be a ‘curator’, bringing you thoughtful writing on Scottish pictures, paintings, portraits, objects and artefacts, in order to shed new light on Scottish history, culture, and current affairs.

We hope you enjoy this new start for The Scots Curator, and that you’ll join us along the way.

You can also follow The Scots Curator on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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